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How to update the firmware on 380GW and 380GWX Dash Cam

Follow these steps to update your Dash Cam

  1. Press and hold the Red exclamation mark on the Dashcam while you connect your Dash Cam to your computer using the provided USB cable. Release the button once the Wi-Fi button flashes blue.
  2. If the dash cam does not appear as a removable drive on your PC, Repeat steps 1.
  3. When the Dash Cam appears as a removable drive on your computer, go into 'My Computer' (Windows) or 'Finder' (Mac) and you should see the Dash Cam listed as a drive, usually called 'NEXTBASE'.
  4. Double (left) click on this drive. You should then see 'nextbase.com', 'nextbase.info' and 'DCIM'.
  5. Download the latest firmware for your 380GW here, or alternatively for your 380GWX here.
  6. Clicking on one of the links (shown in step 5) will download a '.zip' file to your computer.
  7. Open the .zip file and move the .bin file(s) onto your SD card (the location in step 5), using copy and paste.
  8. Now safely unplug (or Eject on Mac) your Dash Cam from your computer.
  9. Put the camera onto the mount and ensure the cable is plugged in directly to the mount.
  10. The red LED will then flash quickly on the camera as the firmware updates. Once updated, the flashing will stop. 
  11. This will complete the firmware update and you can continue to use the Dashcam as normal.  


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