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Dash Cam 'Night Vision' explained

Do any Nextbase Dash Cams have Night Vision?

The answer to this question, depends on what exactly the term "night vision" refers to. Our cameras detect moving objects using visible light, they don't use infrared light like night vision goggles do. This is because infrared isn't very effective at detecting details from flat objects like street signs or car licence plates.

Do Dash Cam settings affect night time image quality?

Yes, the resolution and frame rate setting on your Dash Cam can affect the image quality. Please take a look at our article on resolution and frame rates if you would like to learn more about this. 

Do our cameras record well in low light conditions?

Yes, our cameras perform great in low light conditions and our top of the range cameras like the 522GW and 622GW perform the best out of the entire range

The limitations of recording in the dark

Our dash cams use optical image sensors (similar to your eyes), which means if you are in a completely pitch black environment with no car headlights or external street lights whatsoever, the camera will be unable to pick out details of your surroundings. The same limitations would occur if you were trying to take a picture on your smartphone (with no flash) for example.

Our cameras do not require high levels of light, but generally the brighter the environment, the the more detailed and crisp you can expect the resulting image to be. 


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