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DAB radio interference

What causes DAB radio interference?

Interference is caused by a 'electrical noise' impeding the signal coming into your DAB radio. All electrical products emit electromagnetic noise (including your mobile phone) and LED lights are the most common cause of DAB interference issues.

Do Dash Cams cause interference?

All of our Dash Cams are tested in accordance with both European (CE) and American (FCC) Electro-magnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements. In fact, in almost all cases, our Dash Cams emit far less EMC interference than is acceptable.

Why am I experiencing problems with my DAB?

DAB systems vary widely in their susceptibility to interference caused by external emissions.  If you Google search the make and model of your vehicle followed by the words "DAB interference", you may find other people are experiencing similar issues with their vehicle when using other products and might be able to offer a solution, which is specific to your vehicle.

What to do if you experience DAB interference.

In the highly unlikely event that you have interference problems with your DAB radio (after installing a Nextbase Dash Cam), there are a few things that you can do to help mitigate this problem. 

  1. Fit a ferrite core magnet suppressor to the power cable for your Dash Cam. You can purchase one here. A ferrite core is included with every Nextbase Hardwire Kit.
  2. Contact the vehicle manufacturer, to see if they are aware of any existing issues and are able to offer any advice. 
  3. Re-route the power cable for your Dash Cam away from your DAB antenna and cables. If the power cable was originally routed along the left-hand side, try running the cable along the right-hand side instead. The vehicle manufacturer should be able to tell you where these cables are located.
  4. Re-route the cable for your rear window camera (if applicable). 

How to fit a ferrite core magnet



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