• Official comment

    Hi David, I'm sorry to hear you're having problems connecting to live view, generally this should only occur due to one of two reasons:

    1. Your iQ is parked in an area with little to no signal, just like a smartphone, your iQ will be unable to connect if the signal is low.
    2. Your car battery level has dropped past the "Low power cut-off" set in the iQ app, this feature has been designed to protect your car battery from unnecessary drain.

    If your car is parked in an area with good signal (displayed on the camera screen), and you're regularly having this problem, I would suggest that you get a health check done on your car battery. 

    If your car battery is ok and you're still having this problem, please make sure your firmware and app version are up to date and then open a ticket with our support team who can investigate this problem for you.

  • collywar

    Live view does not work with my Mazda 2 hybrid? I've got a good signal but suspect the unit is powering down too soon! Any ideas?

  • Ryan

    Thanks for commenting on this post collywar, have you changed your Low Power Cut Off setting in the iQ app at all? Can you submit a ticket with our support team for us to look into this for you? 


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