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  • Ryan

    Hi Jane 

    Thank you for posting to our community forum and thank you for purchasing a Nextbase 522GW (good choice by the way). 

    Pairing the camera to your phone should be quite a simple process, you just need to get your camera in pairing mode, open the MyNextbase Connect app on your phone and then they should pair together seamlessly. 

    In the rare event things don't go to plan, I would suggest following the steps listed in our help centre article named "Fixing Issues With MyNextbase Connect: Resetting to Default Settings and Reinstalling the App".

    This article runs you through the process of resetting the camera, uninstalling the app and starting again from scratch.

    If you've followed all these steps and are still having problems, open a ticket with our support team and we'll try to work out what's going wrong for you. 


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