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my Nextbase app empty screen every few days


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  • Richard


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    1. Is the camera running the latest firmware version?
    2. Are you using wireless Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto?
    3. Do you have a VPN enabled?
    4. Do you have antivirus enabled?
    5. What's the current app version?

    Please follow the steps listed in this email to get things working again.


    • Following this process means that videos saved in the "Library" tab within the MyNextbase Connect app WILL BE DELETED. Please ensure you saved these files to your computer or laptop before proceeding if you wish to retain any files. 
    • Ensure your Dash Cam is plugged into a power supply throughout this process.

    Steps for Dash Cam:

    1. Stop the Dash Cam from recording by tapping on the flashing recording icon at the bottom left of the screen. 
    2. Tap the settings (cogwheel) icon that appears in the top left of the screen. 
    3. Select "Setup" to enter the setup menu. 
    4. Swipe across and tap on "Keep User Settings" tap "OFF" and tap OK. 
    5. Locate, then tap on "Default Settings", tap "Yes" and tap “OK” (Your Dash Cam will restart).

    Steps for iPhone

    1. Open “Settings” on the phone.
    2. Select “Bluetooth” to enter the Bluetooth settings
    3. Locate your Nextbase Dash Cam in the “paired devices” list.  
    4. select the "i" button on the right-hand side and “forget the device”.
    5. Delete the “MyNextbase Connect” App.  
    6. Restart your phone. 
    7. Reinstall “MyNextbase Connect” from the App store.

    Your Dash Cam will restart from factory settings. Now follow the first time setup process again to get connected, making sure you agree to all of the permissions requested by the app (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, local network etc).

    Please visit our help centre article "Can't connect to MyNextbase my smartphone" if you would like to see images relating to each step of this process. When followed correctly (and in order) this process fixes most issues customers experience. 

    Can you please confirm that you have all of the necessary permissions enabled on your phone? 

    Our help centre article "MyNextbase Connect Permissions" walks you through the process of checking that all of the relevant permissions have been accepted by the user. Please visit this article and follow the instructions to ensure the app has been setup correctly. 

    Here you can see an example of the permissions page on both Android and iOS. If all of the permissions have not been accepted, you will be unable to gain full functionality of the MyNextbase app.

    After you have gone through this process, let us know if this has fixed your issue. 



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