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  • Ryan

    I'm sorry to hear about your sticky pad, these don't come unstuck very often, but thankfully we have these parts available on our website. 


    If you decided to purchase a pad, I highly recommend following these steps to ensure that it's securely fixed to your windscreen, to avoid it coming untuck again:

    1. With the Dash Cam attached to the mount (adhesive film still attached), plug the Dash Cam into a power supply.
    2. Hold the Dash Cam up to the windscreen to find an appropriate mounting position.
    3. Use the screen on the Dash Cam to check the viewing angle. 
    4. Clean the selected area with a good quality degreaser (we recommend isopropyl alcohol or glass cleaner).
    5. Rub down the area with a microfibre cloth (or similar) to remove any residue. Ensure the area is left completely dry. 
    6. Unplug the power cable and remove the Dash Cam from the mount.
    7. Peel off the plastic film, exposing the adhesive pad.
    8. Firmly apply pressure evenly to the mount and wiggle it to ensure the maximum surface area of the pad is used.
    9. Never remove the adhesive as once taken off you experience ongoing issues. 
    10. Leave it for around 30 minutes to give it time to bond to the windscreen.
    11. Place the Dash Cam back onto the mount and reattach the power cable and rear camera (if applicable). 

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