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Stops recording intermittently.



  • Official comment

    I'm sorry to hear you're having a recording issue with your camera, usually, a recording issue occurs when there's a failure of the SD card in use as the dash cam relies upon this to be functioning well in order to communicate when writing new files.

    SD cards can fail for several reasons, but the most common causes are:

    1. A lack of regular formatting taking place - we recommend performing a format of the SD card every 2-3 weeks with normal use of the dash cam, this ensures that any unwanted files are removed and that your normal recordings aren't impacted by a large amount of protected files on the SD.

    2. An incorrect SD card being used - Not all SD cards are dash cam compatible and can fail after a period of use, the timescale for card failure can be indeterminate. For best results we only recommend Nextbase SD cards for use with Nextbase dash cams.


    I would suggest unplugging your rear camera and checking if the issue still persists, as a loose connection may not be immediately apparent but can impact the recording function of the dash cam if the SD card is believed to be suitable and in good health. With only the front dash cam in use, check to see if the recording situation improves.
    If yes; check the connection points between the front and rear cameras and look for any looseness and ensure that the connectors are pressed firmly together.
    If no; the SD card is likely failing and in this case the best course of action will be to replace the SD card with another Nextbase branded U3 format.

    If you do encounter any issues following the above steps or that these do not help to resolve, then please be sure to contact our support teams at or call from the number found on our contact us pages at

  • 322GW Freezing

    Hi, I have a similar issue with my 322gw, the dashcam records 3 loops of 1 minutes each and after that it freezes, I formatted the Sd card, I have reset the settings, I changed the loop to every 3 min from every 1 min, I bought a new sd card 64GB, same size as before, from Nextbase, but same issue, formatted the new sd card, still no luck, updated to the lates update, connected to the laptop and try to see what I can do from the app, but nothing worked. I have noticed that a lot of Nextbase users are experiencing similar issues after about 1.5 to 2 years, I start using my dashcam after 1 year and 6 month from purchase, it was always in it's box on the office desk, no humidity no shock no cold or hot temperatures, optimum conditions of storage I would say and I used it for 1 month and this happened. I am just so confused why it happened as it wasn't used for a long time and always it seams that it breaks exactly after the warranty expires. Can anyone please help as I don't want to throw out the window £170 for something that is not doing it's only job which is record.  Thank you.

  • Richard


    Thanks for your message - I'd recommend getting in touch with support at the email address below, so we can work out the best way to get your cameras up and running again ASAP:

  • keith taylor

    I have experienced the same problem and not for the first time , this happened today only recording part of my journey , l only checked the recording as a car hit my rear side mirror as was waiting to turn right and just drove off so no recording of the drivers reg No .
    This is is my second Next base dash cam I have had and had the same problem with the first one .

  • Ryan

    Hi Keith

    I'm sorry to hear about the problem you're experiencing, this is certainly not something we would expect from our Dash Cams. Recording inconsistencies and freezing events are usually caused by one of two things:

    1. The SD card - It's not compatible, hasn't been formatted in a long time or it's faulty.
    2. The connection with the rear camera is poor - This can usually be fixed by checking over the rear cam port and making sure the cable is plugged in fully (at both ends).

    When you bought your new camera, did you insert the SD card from your old camera? If so, this would explain why you're having this problem with both, the card might be at fault.


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