• Ryan

    Hello Paul, 

    Yes ferrite core suppressor magnets can help, although the re-routing your cable away from the DAB antenna and cables in the vehicle will usually offer greater improvements to your DAB. 

    Check out our help centre article "DAB radio interference" if you'd like to know more about what you can do. 

    I hope this helps :) 

  • paul anderson

    Thank you. I have a Ford Kuga, which has the aerial on the rear window, I rerouting the wiring to the rear window won't make any difference.

  • Ryan

    Hi Paul, 

    Thanks for getting back to us, to confirm are you saying that you have tried rerouting the cable for your rear camera?

    If you haven't tried it yet, I'd definitely recommend trying a ferrite core magnet. After a little bit of Googling, it sounds like the Ford Kuga is quite susceptible to interference caused by electrical noise. It might be worth reaching out to Ford directly to see if they are able to offer some further insight on the reason for this. Some vehicles are far more sensitive to interference than others. 


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