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Dashcam freezing with rear camera



  • Ryan

    Hello Robert 

    Thanks for getting in touch with us, it sounds like the rear camera, or rear camera cable isn't fully inserted into the camera, which is causing connection problems. 

    Have you taken a look at our help centre article "Rear Window Dash Cam stops recording"?

    Also, to confirm, you're using a 32GB Nextbase SD card, correct? We don't make 32MB SD cards. 

    I hope this helps :) 

  • Shaun G

    If it's still relevant.... You need 2nd gen hardwire kit or rear cam won't work properly.

  • Richard

    Hi Shaun


    Yes, you'd need a Series 2 hardwire kit to ensure that the 622GW and a Rear camera work correctly. A Series 1 hardwire kit won't provide enough power.

    Kind regards


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