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How to replace the suction cup on a Series 1 Dash Cam

Follow these steps to get your suction cup replaced.

  1. Slide the Dash Cam off the magnetic mount (away from the windscreen). 
  2. Unplug the power cable from the mount, then lift the lever arm on the suction cup, this will release the mount from the windscreen.
  3.  Loosen the nut, unscrewing it until it comes off the screw thread.
  4. With the nut completely unscrewed, pull the suction cup and powered section away from each other until they separate. 
  5. Grab your replacement part and then repeat the steps listed above, but in reverse. Push the pieces together, tighten the nut, place the mount back on the windscreen, reinsert the cable and push the level arm into the down position (unless installing an adhesive mount).
    • DO NOT over-tighten the nut, it should be easy to unscrew by hand. 
    • Make sure the nut is tight enough that the Dash Cam is fixed in position.
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