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What app permissions are needed for the MyNextbase Connect app?

What are app permissions and why are they important?

The term 'app permissions' refer to an app asking for permission to access certain smartphone features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS location data and others. MyNextbase Connect requires various app permissions to be accepted for you to get the full functionality from the app. 

If you deny the app access to these, you will not be able to use all of the apps features.

These permissions include

  • Notifications - Required for AutoSync to send notifications if the protect button has been pressed
  • Bluetooth - Required to connect a Dash Cam 
  • Wi-Fi - Required to view and download Dash Cam videos 
  • Nearby Devices (Android) - Required in order for the Dash Cam to reconnect automatically
  • GPS Location - Required to be set to 'Always On' to use Emergency SOS
  • Motion & Fitness Activity (iOS only) - Required for using Emergency SOS
  • Local network (iOS only) - Required as it allows MyNextbase Connect to discover your Dash Cam
  • Background App Refresh - Required as it allows the app to connect and reconnect in the background.
  • Access to your Files and Media (Android only) - Required if you wish download files from the app to your Gallery app.
  • Mobile Data - Recommended for when a Wi-Fi network is not available and the app needs to access the internet.
  • Optimise Battery Usage (Android only) - Recommended to be turned off to prevent the app closing in the background.

How to check app permissions (iPhone)

  1. Open the 'Settings' app.
  2. Scroll down until you see 'MyNextbase'.
  3. Select 'MyNextbase',
  4. Ensure all of the necessary permissions have been accepted,
    Note: Please refer to the permissions listed at the top of this article if you are unsure what to select. 

Note: The permissions only appear in this list after you have had a request come up on your screen (while using the app). They do not all appear upon first installation. 

How to check app permissions (Android)

  1. Open the 'Settings' app. If you can't find 'Settings', swipe down from the top of your screen and select the cogwheel icon.
  2. Scroll down until you see 'Apps'.
  3. Select 'Apps'.
  4. Scroll down until you see 'MyNextbase', select this option.MicrosoftTeams-image__57_.jpg
  5. Ensure that Notification are set to 'Allowed', then select 'Permissions'.MicrosoftTeams-image__48_.jpg
  6. Ensure that under 'Denied', the app reads 'No Permissions Denied'.
    Note: If permissions are listed beneath 'Denied', select them to change them to 'Allow'.

Other app settings

You can also change app settings from inside MyNextbase Connect by tapping the menu option in the top left hand corner of the app home screen and selecting 'App Settings'.

In-app settings include:

  • Enable Low resolution Downloads - Not recommended as low resolution videos offer less details than high resolution videos
  • Prefer Wi-Fi Direct Downloads - Recommended as this will use less of your mobile data plan
  • Allow Analytics - Recommended as this allows us to collect usage data to improve our products
  • Marketing Notifications - Recommended as this allows us to notify you of offers and promotions.

Still having issues connecting?

If you are still experiencing problems using our app, we recommend following the steps in this article to start again from a fresh setup. This process fixes almost all connection issues. 


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