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What is firmware and how do you update it?

Why update firmware?

There are several reasons we release updates, some of which include.

  • Add new features
  • Fix software bugs
  • Add new languages
  • Improve app connections

We recommend making sure that you have the latest firmware version installed on your Dash Cam to avoid any issues caused by out-of-data firmware. 

How do I check if my Dash Cam firmware needs updating?

Go into the Dash Cams setup menu and select 'System Info', the firmware version usually begins with the letter 'R', for example, 'R6.4'. After you have found the firmware version on your device, visit the support page for your Dash Cam model. You should update your Dash Cam firmware if the two numbers appear differently.

How do I update my Dash Cam firmware?

There are 3 ways to update the firmware on many of our newest Series 2 Dash Cams, the most common way is to update via the SD card. 

Updating via the SD card (PC or Mac)

  1. Visit the support page for your Dash Cam model.
  2. Download the latest firmware version.
  3. Format the SD card inside the computer (using an SD card reader).
  4. Copy the '.bin' file to the formatted SD card.
  5. With the Dash Cam turned off, insert the SD card.
  6. Plug the Dash Cam into a power supply, the update should begin automatically.

Updating via MyNextbase Player (Series 2 Dash Cams only)

  1. Make sure MyNextbase Player is installed on your computer 
  2. Plug your Dash Cam into your computer using the USB cable provided in the box with the Dash Cam.
  3. Select "Firmware Update" on your Dash Cam screen
  4. Select "Update Dash Cam" in MyNextbase Player

Updating via MyNextbase Connect (Series 2 Wi-Fi enabled Dash Cams only)

  1. Connect your Wi-Fi enabled Dash Cam to MyNextbase Connect
  2. Select "Update Dash Cam Firmware"

Notes: If ‘Keep User Settings’ is turned ON in the Setup Menu, your Dash Cam will boot up normally, straight into video live view mode, ready to use. If ‘Keep User Settings’ is turned OFF, after the update is complete, the Dash Cam will boot up into the First Time Use menu, which must be completed before the Dash Cam can be used. Files saved on the SD card will not be affected by the firmware update.


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