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Redeeming a voucher code for Emergency SOS

How to redeem an ESOS voucher code using MyNextbase Connect

  1. Open the MyNextbase Connect app, tap on the menu button and select "Emergency SOS"

  2. Tap the option that says "See Plans" at the bottom of the screen

  3. Select "Redeem Voucher" and wait for the keyboard to pop up.

  4. Type in the voucher code that we have issued to you and tap "Redeem"

  5. If the code was entered correctly, you will be greeted by a pop-up window which confirms how long the complimentary ESOS subscription is. Now tap "Close".

  6. You should now be back at the Emergency SOS page within the app. Beneath "Subscription Status" you will see see your free trail subscription, and underneath this you will see your complimentary period provided by the voucher code you have entered.

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