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Adding files and editing Dash Cam videos in MyNextbase Player

Adding Dash Cam videos to MyNextbase Player 

  1. Use the USB cable (provided with your Dash Cam) to plug it into your PC, making sure to plug it into the body of the camera, not through the powered mount.
  2. Select "Access Files" on your Dash Cam in order to view the files
  3. Click "Add Video" in MyNextbase Player, to open up File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac)
  4. Select the video File(s) that you would like to add. These will appear in the file list.
  5. When your video(s) appear in the file list, double click them to begin playback.


Editing your Dash Cam videos

To edit your Dash Cam videos you must first make sure that your Dash Cam videos are loaded into the file list. When a file is playing, simply click on the "Edit Video" button near the top of the screen. 


Joining videos together

  1. Play one of the files in the main playback window (select it from the file list)
  2. Press the "Edit Video" button near the top of the screen
  3. Add the second video by selecting either "Add video before" or "Add video after"


Please note: You can only add files that have been recorded in the same resolution. It is not possible to join files together that are different resolutions.

If you have added a video and you would like to remove it, hover your mouse pointer over the particular file and then select the button that says "Remove video"

Trimming the video

If an incident occurs, it usually happens quickly, trimming the video down means that only the part that you are interested is included and makes the file much smaller and more manageable to upload and share.

  1. Click on the green "Start Time" marker (left) and drag it across to your desired location
  2. Click on the Orange "End Time" marker (right) and drag it across to the desired location
  3. Click "Continue" when you are happy with the length of the video.


Annotating the video

MyNextbase Player allows users to highlight or annotate video footage, this can useful when highlighting a specific frame from an incident.

  1. Drag the progress indication along to the specific frame you want to annotate
  2. Click "Add Annotation"
  3. Use the annotation tools to Draw, Circle, add text etc
  4. Move the annotation to the desired location on the video


Adding a title screen

This allows you to add a title screen to play at the beginning of the video

  1. Select "Title Screen"
  2. Add your desired text to the text box
  3. Select "Continue" to proceed


Output settings

The final step in the editing process is to select your output settings, this specifies the quality of the video.

The default resolution will be the original resolution that the Dash Cam recorded in. Lowering the resolution will negatively effect the image quality, but will also make the file size smaller. 

  1. Select the resolution
  2. Choose if you would like to remove GPD data and audio.
  3. Choose a name for the edited file and the location you would like to save it
  4. Press continue.
  5. Wait for MyNextbase Player to process the video.



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