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Compatible models

Wi-Fi password for Dash Cam

The following article relates to Series 1 Dash Cams and includes these Wi-Fi Dash Cams:

  • 300W
  • 312GW
  • 380GW
  • 380GWX
  • 412GW
  • 512GW
  • 612GW
  • Duo HD
  • Mirror

What is the Wi-Fi password?

All of our Series 1 Dash Cams come with the same pre-set password, this password is simply "12345678" and is displayed on the cameras screen when the camera is in Wi-Fi mode. The only exception being with the 300W, 380GW and 380GWX models that don't have inbuilt displays.

Passwords for Series 2

There is no requirement for a password for series 2 cameras. These cameras integrate with our app "MyNextbaseConnect"

Can the Wi-Fi password be changed?

The password can only be changed on the 380GW and 380GWX models, as these cameras can have their Wi-Fi signal left on during normal recordings. All other models cannot have Wi-Fi password changed, for these models there is no need to change the password, as only one connection at a time is permitted and the Dash Cam has to be in Wi-Fi mode which needs to be manually activated.
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