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How long until recorded files get overwritten by the Dash Cam?

How much footage can be stored on my SD card?

As a rule, the larger the SD card, the more data (videos) you can store on it, while the higher the resolution of the camera, the more storage space each file takes up. This means that lower-resolution devices can store more minutes of recording per gigabyte (GB) than higher-resolution cameras can.

The table shown below approximates the total storage capacity (in hours) that an SD card can hold on it, before the Dash Cam begins to delete the oldest files. This table estimates that a 622GW with a 64GB SD card, recording in 4K with a 1080P Rear Cam (RC) plugged in, will hold approximately 2.08 hours of recordings, before it begins to overwrite files.

MicrosoftTeams-image (109).png

Please note:
The method used to calculate the figures in this table were achieved by measuring the average file size (measured in Mb) of a 1 minute video recording, then taking the SD card capacity and dividing it by this number, then converting it from minutes to hours.

For example: 
The 622GW (4K) with a Rear Dash Cam (1080p)  plugged in averages 510Mb per minute of recording, if a 64GB (64,000Mb) SD card is being used, simple take 64,000 and divide it by 510Mb. This will give you total storage capacity (125 minutes), then divide this number by 60 to convert to hours. This will give you 2.08 hours (as shown in the table).

The table shown above relates to the total storage capacity of the SD card and includes files that have been ‘protected’ from being overwritten when the card is full. This means that files will be overwritten faster if you have more files inside the ‘protected’ folder on your SD card than if you have fewer (as these files are also taking up storage space).

Other factors that affect average recording size include:

  • Rear camera (RC) - If a rear Dash Cam is plugged in, more storage capacity is used.
  • Dual files (FH/FL) - Ultra HD Dash Cams have Dual Files turned on by default, this takes up more storage. 
  • Audio Recording - If audio recording is turned off, the average file size will be slightly smaller.
  • Lighting - The more variation across an image, the more storage is used.
  • Dash cam metadata e.g. G sensor and GPS data - Metadata such as GPS data is saved to the SD card and takes a small amount of storage.
  • Bitrate - The higher the bitrate, the more storage is used.

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