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Do I need to format my SD card?

Should I format my SD card?

Yes. It is very important that your SD card is formatted regularly, for most customers we recommend formatting your SD card every 2-3 weeks using the cameras setup menu. 

What does it mean to format an SD card?

Put simply, formatting an SD card (or any other type of storage device) means that you are deleting all of the files from the drive in one go.

Why is it important to regularly format my SD card?

The reason we recommend you format your SD card every 2-3 weeks is because unlike ordinary video cameras, Dash Cams continuously record in a loop. The continuous writing and overwriting of files puts a lot of stress onto the SD card, if a card has not been designed for this very specific use it is far more likely to experience problems.

Please note: If you do a lot of driving, you will need to format your SD card more frequently than the average person. We recommend taxi drivers format their SD cards at least once a week for example.

What will happen if I don't format my SD card?

If you fail to format your SD card for a prolonged period of time you could experience the following types of issues:

  • SD card error messages
  • Recording failure
  • Automatic recording failure
  • Frozen screen
  • Gaps between recordings   
  • Corrupted or unplayable files
  • Failure to start-up and shutdown
  • Inoperable buttons

Even though these issues are far more common with Non-Nextbase branded SD cards, we strongly recommend formatting our SD cards frequently too.

How do I format my SD card?

The option to format the SD card can usually be found inside the setup menu on your camera. For specific instructions for your device, consult the user manual for your Dash Cam. This can be downloaded via the support section on our website. 


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