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Fixing Issues With MyNextbase Connect: Resetting to Default Settings and Reinstalling the App

Follow the steps in this article to get connected again

Reset the Dash Cam to default settings 

  1. Turn the Dash Cam on
  2. Tap the red recording icon in the bottom left corner to stop the Dash Cam from recording.
  3. Press the "Settings" icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  4. Select "Setup".
  5. Swipe across to find "Keep User Settings".
  6. Turn Keep User Settings "OFF".
  7. Go back to the "Setup" menu and select "Default Settings".
  8. Select "YES" and press "OK", 
  9. The camera should now restart.

Uninstall MyNextbase Connect on your phone 

  1. Uninstall the "MyNextbase Connect" app, if you're having problems with "Alexa", uninstall that too.
  2. Go to the "Bluetooth" settings on your phone, then remove any connections you can see to Nextbase.
  3. Go into the "Wi-Fi Settings" on your phone, then delete any connections you can see to Nextbase.
  4. Restart your phone (turn it off and back on).
  5. Reinstall the "MyNextbase Connect" app on your phone.
  6. Go through the first time setup steps again.
  7. Please note "Permissions" settings are important. Check this permissions article to ensure your phone is set up correctly to work with your dash cam - Set up permissions


The steps shown in this article fix the majority of problems customers experience when using MyNextbase Connect. Its essential to ensure you don't have any "Anti virus" or "VPN" software which can prevent connecting the dash cam.


If you continue to experience problems after following these steps, please submit a ticket request in order for us to investigate this issue for you.


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