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How to download and share footage using the MyNextbase Connect app

First, you must ensure your Dash Cam is connected to the MyNextbase Connect app. If it is not, please take a look at this article before trying to download footage. 

On the home page of the app you will see four buttons at the bottom of the page. The 'Dash Cam' button contains all the footage that is currently stored on the Dash Cam itself.  'Library' contains footage that you have already downloaded to your phone from the Dash Cam. 


To be able to share footage, you will need to download the clip from 'Dash Cam' section, once downloaded it will appear in the 'Library' section.

How to download footage from the Dash Cam:

  1. Open the 'Dash Cam' tab in the app (as shown above). 
  2. Locate the clip you'd like to download (you should be able to find it using the date and time)
  3. Click and hold on the required clip. 
  4. The clip should become highlighted and you will now see 3 buttons appear at the bottom of the screen. 
  5. Click the download icon (the one with a down arrow inside a folder)
  6. The clip will then download to your phone. Once downloaded, it will be stored in the 'Library' tab of the app for later viewing and sharing

1585321752352.JPEG 1585321328980.JPEG 1585321328569.JPEG


How to share footage you have downloaded to MyNextbase Cloud:

  1. Open the Library by pressing the 'Library' button at the bottom of the app (this is where all of your previously downloaded videos get stored).
  2. Locate the file you would like to share and hold your finger down on it.
  3. The clip will be highlighted and you will see 3 buttons appear at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click on the 'Share' icon (the button with 3 circles connected by a line)
  5. Select MyNextbase Cloud
  6. Enter your email address. You can also choose to share your footage with us and also protect your footage with a password. You will need to give your password to anyone you intend on sharing your footage with
  7. Select Start Upload - you will now see an Upload in Progress screen with a still of your footage and a yellow progress bar going across the bottom showing the progress of the upload
  8. Once the upload has completed, you will be given a link and the option to copy or share the link. Selecting "Copy Link" will copy the link to your clipboard and you can paste this into an email or conversation. Ensure you also give this person the password, if you set one. If you select "Share", your phone will give you the options available to you, such as email, WhatsApp, or Text Message.

WARNING: High resolution video clips are far too large to share via email, and will be heavily compressed if sent via platforms like Facebook or WhatsApp for example, this results in extremely poor video and audio quality. To send high quality HD video without compression we strongly recommend using "MyNextbase Cloud".  


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