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A red padlock appears on the screen

What does the red padlock on your Dash Cam screen mean?

The red padlock is to show the file has been protected, this means that it is held in a separate folder on the SD card, to prevent it being overwritten when the SD card runs out of storage space.

The following events can cause this to occur:

  1. If "parking mode" is enabled in the menu, if so, any time this feature is triggered it will create a protected recording. e.g. if the vehicle door is slammed or if someone hits the vehicle while parked.
  2. If an abnormal shock is detected by the cameras g sensor during normal recordings. e.g. the car door is slammed or the driver hits a pothole.
  3. The protect button is pressed on the camera, on most models this button appears as an exclamation point "!".

In most cases the protected files will not cause the Dash Cam to fill the SD card and stop recording, as the oldest protected file will be deleted, when the allocated space becomes full of protected files. 

If you do not wish to use this feature, you can disable Parking Mode and turn the G sensor to OFF in the menu. This will stop the Dash Cam protecting any files (even in a collision), although you can still manually press the protect button to save the current recording.


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