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Time lapse mode explained

What causes video to playback fast with no sound?

This is effect is caused by a setting called "Time Lapse" in the cameras video settings menu, please ensure this option is turned off when using the Dash Cam during normal driving conditions, this will ensure videos record at normal speed. 

Time Lapse recording is a technique whereby the frequency at which file frames are captured (frame rate) is lower than that used when playing back the recording. Time Lapse recording can be considered the opposite of slow motion, as when the recording is played back time appears to be moving faster.

Settings options:

The time-lapse menu offers 3 options:

  • 30 minutes
  • 3 minutes
  • OFF

When this is set to "30 minutes", the camera will create a 5 minute video for every 30 minutes of recording. When it is set to 3 "minutes", the Dash Cam will create a 30 second video, for every 3 minutes of recording. Off is the default setting, when selected, the Dash Cam will record normally.

Please note:

  • "Frame rate" is measured in "Frames Per Second" (fps), the default Dash Cam setting is (normally) 30fps, this means every 1 second of video consists of 30 images stitched together in sequence, time lapse mode records in 5fps, meaning that every 1 second of video is made from 5 images, instead of the default 30. 
  • Time lapse is considered as a leisure activity setting and not for use in order to collect evidence
    in the case of an incident. Time Lapse should be turned off for normal driving conditions.


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