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Installing iQ

How to install the iQ Smart Dash Cam in your vehicle

Should you use the OBD or Hardwire cable?

iQ comes with both an OBD power cable and a Hardwire Kit in included in the box, for ease of installation we recommend powering iQ using the OBD power cable when possible. 

Hardwiring the Dash Cam

If you're unable to power your iQ via the OBD cable or would prefer to wire it to your fuse box, it can be installed using the hardwire kit (supplied in the box). 

Important: The hardwire kit must be installed on a permanently live fuse (a fuse that's live when the ignition is off) in order to use the iQ's smart features. 

Where to mount iQ

iQ has been designed to be mounted behind the rear view mirror, on the passenger side of the vehicle,  towards the top of the windscreen. 

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