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Where does my iQ save my videos?

All of your videos are saved to the Micro SD card which is located inside your iQ. To view your recorded files in their highest quality, simply remove your Micro SD card and insert it into your computer via an SD card adapter.

Which videos are uploaded to Nextbase Cloud?

All videos in the "Events" section of the "History" tab are automatically uploaded to Nextbase Cloud. Files can be classed as an "Event" for any of the following reasons: 

  • If your iQ has detected an impact.
  • Smart Sense Parking Mode has been triggered using a combination of radar and the g-sensor.
  • The protect button on the bottom of your iQ has been pressed.

Important: Your iQ will only upload files to Nextbase Cloud if you're signed up to a "Protect" or "Protect Plus" Subscription 

Can other videos be uploaded to Nextbase Cloud?

Yes, head to the library section of the iQ app and select a file to view; selecting specific files to be viewed will cause them to be uploaded to Nextbase Cloud for you to view. You can't upload files that were not created by your iQ.

What do the file names on the Micro SD card mean?

Each file created by your iQ can be found within the DCIM folder on your Micro SD card and all have the same naming format. This format tells you exactly when the video was recorded, and what type of file it is. See the below file name as an example:

Example filename from SD card: "231011_175029_199_FH_RADR"

File number

Event Type

231011 175029 199 F H RADR
October 11th
5:50:29 pm 199th recording Front High Radar

How many files are created?

Your iQ creates a high and low resolution file from each camera for each recording. This means with a rear window camera attached, your iQ will create up to 6 files every 30 seconds. The end of the file name indicates which camera the file was recorded from and the video resolution. e.g. "231011_175029_199_FH_RADR".

File name Description
FH Front Camera - High Resolution
FL Front Camera - Low Resolution
CH Cabin Camera - High Resolution
CL Cabin Camera - Low Resolution
RH Rear Window Camera - High Resolution
RL Rear Window Camera - Low Resolution

What are Events?

Events are files that your iQ has marked as important; the table shown below explains what all these file names mean .e.g. "231011_175029_199_FH_RADR". The majority of Event files are protected which will prevent them from being overwritten by newer recordings.

Event Type Description
PROT Manual protection, caused by pressing the protect button.
IPCT Accelerometer Protection Event (g-sensor).
CRSH Crash Protection Event. An impact large enough to be considered a crash.
MOVE Smart Sense Parking triggered (radar and g-sensor).

Radar Recording (Not Protected)






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