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Voice Commands


What is a voice command?

A voice command allows you to control some features of your iQ by speaking to it.  This means that you can operate your iQ without having to use your mobile phone and without any pressing buttons, allowing you to remain focused on the road ahead.


How do I use voice commands?

Your iQ uses a wake word to recognise when you are trying to use a voice command.  When you say "Hey iQ" your iQ will recognise the wake word and display voice command icon on screen, you can then use one of the voice commands that your iQ recognises to carry out an action.


Which voice commands will my iQ recognise?

Below are some examples  of voice commands that you can use with your iQ. Your iQ will also recognise variations of these commands:

Feature Voice Command Effect
File Protection "Hey Dashcam, protect this file" Protects the current set of files being recorded by your iQ so that they do not get overwritten when your SD Card is full
Witness Mode Start "Hey Dashcam, Start Witness Mode" Turns on the Witness Mode feature and begins a live stream
Witness Mode Stop "Hey Dashcam, Stop Witness Mode" Turns off the Witness Mode feature and ends the live stream
Audio Recording On "Hey Dashcam, Start Audio Recording" Turns off audio recording
Audio recording Off "Hey Dashcam, Stop Audio Recording" Stops your iQ from recording audio
Start Recording "Hey Dashcam, Start Recording" Starts video recording
Stop Recording "Hey Dashcam, Stop Recording" Stops your iQ from recording video
Start Privacy Mode  "Hey Dashcam, Enable Privacy Mode" Turns on Privacy Mode and stops your iQ from recording audio and cabin video
Stop Privacy Mode  "Hey Dashcam, Disable Privacy Mode" Turns off Privacy Mode and starts iQ recording audio and cabin video
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