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iQ Voltage Information

The iQ has several voltage values that can be changed in settings.

  • SmartSense activation Voltage
  • Low Power Cut-off 

Please see below for more information on each of these.

What is the State Voltage Threshold?

The State Voltage Threshold's default setting is 13V and determines if the iQ should be in Driving Mode or not; when a vehicle is in use its expected to operate between 13v and above (vehicle dependent).


What is the Low Power Cut-Off?

The Low Power Cut-Off’s default setting is 12V. If the vehicle’s battery drops below 12V, the iQ will not operate by default. This is adjustable within the your iQ app and the user should approach with caution when changing this setting.

Please see the article below for more information on Low Power Cut-Off.

Low Car Battery Cut Off 



How Many Different Power Modes Does The iQ Have?

The iQ will have 3 main modes but some vehicles operate as 12v or more, this can be adjusted by 0.1V increments within the app.


Driving Mode (13 Volts+)

When the engine is switched ON, the iQ will enter Driving Mode.

This is the default mode and functions from when the car is started, the camera is fully operational and recording. The trigger thresholds will automatically adjust to respond to driving events such as an impact or an emergency stop. 


SmartSense Parking Mode (12 Volts-13 Volts) 

When the engine is switched OFF, the iQ enters SmartSense Parking Mode.

Your iQ will automatically recognise when the vehicle is not in use by relying on a combination of the G-Sensor and Radar for 30 seconds after the ignition has been turned off. If no further movement is detected then SmartSense Parking Mode will set the iQ into Low Power Security Mode.

The Radar and G-Sensor will remain active during this state and if movement is detected then iQ will switch back to SmartSense Parking Mode to capture an incident.


Low Power Mode (below 12V)

Unless adjusted within the app, your iQ will not operate at this level.

The low power security mode operates using several sensors (primarily Radar) which will wake the iQ into one of the higher power states if it's determined that there is a potential risk around the vehicle.

Low power mode is indicated by the icon below:

Low voltage.png

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