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What is radar?

The radar feature on the Nextbase iQ, will notify you of movement within its sensory field. Radar sensors are located in both the Front Camera and the Rear Camera. Full vehicle coverage is achieved by a combination of both dash cams simultaneously.

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Can I change the settings?

The iQ app allows you to change the sensitivity of the radar in each direction (see below app screen), as well as the option to adjust notification settings to filter out harmless or repeat warnings so you are only notified when it really matters. 


  1. Click "More" on the bottom right of the home screen on the app to show the menu below:App 4.png

  2. Then click on "Proximity settings".
  3. In the below screen you can press on the blue area and drag them further of closer to the vehicle depending on your preference.
    IMPORTANT - The larger the area is set for proximity, the more sensitive the radar will perform. If your car is in a busy area then this will capture more footage and use additional power draw from the vehicle batter and storage capacity on the SD card.
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