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Permissions and Notifications settings

What are app permissions and why are they important?

The term 'app permissions' refer to an app asking for permission to access certain smartphone features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS location data and others. The Nextbase iQ app requires several app permissions to be accepted in order to get the full functionality from the app. 

If you deny the app access to these, you will not be able to use all of the apps features.

You will be asked to allow the following permissions during set up

These permissions include:

  • Notifications - Required so that your iQ can notify you if any events occur
  • Camera - Required to scan the setup QR code. 
  • Bluetooth - Required to set up Emergency SOS.
  • Wi-Fi - Required to view and download videos.
  • Nearby Devices (Android) - Required in order for your iQ to reconnect automatically.
  • GPS Location - Required to be set to 'Always On' to use Emergency SOS.
  • Motion & Fitness Activity (iOS only) - Required for using Emergency SOS.
  • Local network (iOS only) - Required as it allows the Nextbase iQ app to discover your iQ
  • Background App Refresh - Required as it allows the app to connect and reconnect in the background.
  • Access to your Files and Media (Android only) - Required if you wish download files from the app to your smartphone's default gallery.
  • Mobile Data - Required for when a Wi-Fi network is not available and the app needs to access the internet.
  • Optimise Battery Usage (Android only) - Recommended to be turned off to prevent the app closing in the background.

Notification Centre

This is the area of the app that allows you to customise how you wish to be notified of events by your iQ. You have the ability to set your preferences during set up. If you wish to change them in your app once setup is completed then follow the instructions below 👇🏻


  1. In the app click on more and then into notification centre.

  2. The next screen allows you to turn off push notifications - it is highly recommended to keep these on as without these, your smartphone will not get real time notifications from your iQ.
    Selecting "Event Alerts" will allow you to manage event notifications.

  3. The screen below will allow you to toggle notifications on or off for specific events. 

  4. You can manage promotions and email preference in the notification centre. Just click and "Promotions" and it will take you to the below screen.

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