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Emergency SOS


What is Emergency SOS?

Emergency SOS is a world-leading safety feature to automatically notify emergency services in the event of an accident when the driver is unresponsive. Key information, including location, medical details, and blood-type are shared with emergency personnel. 


How do I set up Emergency SOS?

You can set up "Emergency SOS" using the iQ App (subscription required) to add your medical, personal, and vehicle information. 

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Why do I need Emergency SOS?

Below is a diagram showing how emergency SOS can work for you; Ensure you have an active iQ subscription to allow Emergency SOS to work. 

Following a successful trigger of Emergency SOS, the emergency services will be alerted to your location and will also be aware of any underlying medical conditions that may require an adjustment to standard treatments on site.




What else do I need to know about Emergency SOS?

Nextbase does not notify the emergency services of your location, the app will send a packet of data to the local services in the area of your incident to locate and provide treatment.

Having the correct permissions set on your phone is vital to the function of the Emergency SOS, just be sure to refer to the "permissions" article which will ensure your phone will allow your dash cam to send an SOS notification successfully in the event of an accident.

In the event of an accident, the iQ app will require a network connection and mobile signal to send a small packet of data (approx 1.5kb) to the emergency services. If there is no network coverage, then the app cannot send the data.

Please note that the emergency services response may differ from territory to territory and not all territories are covered within this feature.



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