Does ESOS use Data



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    Hi Sarah

    The MyNextbase Connect app does use a small amount of mobile data, using significantly more data if you decide to upload video files to the internet, although generally we recommend connecting to a Wi-Fi network if you have multiple videos you wish to upload. 

    Emergency SOS (ESOS) requires a GPS and Bluetooth connection in order to be triggered. If ESOS is activated, it will use your phones talk minutes to make an outbound call to your local emergency services. ESOS doesn't rely heavily on mobile data, but this is a permission that must be enabled to get full use from the app.

    I hope this answers your question :)  

  • Tetrahedron7

    thanks Ryan, I just wanted to check, as don't have unlimited data on mobile plan & need to renew ESOS subscription, thanks for confirming it uses phone talk minutes to operate.

    Cheers Sarah.


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