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Is Emergency SOS available in my country?

Is Emergency SOS available in my country?

The table below shows the countries where you can subscribe (setup) Emergency SOS and also where it can be triggered (contact the emergency services) from. 

Examples given:

  1. In the UK, you can subscribe (setup) ESOS and it can also be triggered (contact the emergency services). Then after you have subscribed, you can travel to all of the countries listed below and the emergency services will be automatically contacted if you are involved in a collision.
  2. In Spain, you cannot subscribe (setup) ESOS, but it can be triggered if you are involved in a collision. This means that if you purchase a Dash Cam in Spain, you cannot setup this feature, but if you decide to drive over to France (where you can subscribe), you can setup ESOS, then after completing setup, you can drive back to Spain where you can continue to use this feature.

To clarify:  

"Can Subscribe to ESOS" = You can create an account and go through the setup an Emergency SOS  subscription (or free trail).

"Can Trigger ESOS" = If you are involved in a collision, the emergency services will be contacted. 

  Can Subscribe to ESOS Can trigger ESOS
Andorra No Yes
Australia Yes Yes
Austria No Yes
Belgium Yes Yes
Bulgaria No Yes
Canada Yes Yes
Croatia No Yes
Cyprus No Yes
Czech Republic Yes Yes
Denmark No Yes
Finland No Yes
France Yes Yes
Germany Yes Yes
Gibraltar No Yes
Greece No Yes
Hungary Yes Yes
Iceland No Yes
Ireland Yes Yes
Italy No Yes
Liechtenstein No Yes
Lithuania No Yes
Luxembourg Yes Yes
Malta No Yes
Monaco No Yes
Netherlands Yes Yes
Norway Yes Yes
Poland Yes Yes
Portugal No Yes
Romania Yes Yes
San Marino No Yes
Slovenia No Yes
Spain No Yes
Sweden Yes Yes
Switzerland No Yes
United Kingdom Yes Yes
United States Yes Yes

Please note:

  • This table was last updated on the 25th of November 2022 and is subject to future changes.
  • We would prefer if you could subscribe to ESOS in all countries, but sadly are restricted by contractual agreements which vary by region.


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