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Fitting a Dash Cam to an Electric or Hybrid Vehicle

Can a Nextbase Dash Cam be fitted to an electric or hybrid vehicle?

Yes, our Dash Cams can be fitted to almost all types of vehicles, as long as there is a suitable power supply available. All Nextbase Dash Cams come with a 12V Power Cable included in the box, if your car has a 12V port, simply plug it in like you would in a normal vehicle.

Can I fit a Nextbase Hardwire Kit to my electric vehicle?

The answer to this would depend on the vehicle in question, as our hardwire kits are fitted to the fuse box in the car. If your vehicle doesn't have a fuse box that is accessible, you may not be able to install a hardwire kit. Please consult the manufacturer for advice on fitting a Hardwire Kit.  

Is there an alternative to the 12V cable and Hardwire Kit?

Currently the only power supplies that Nextbase manufacture are the 12V cable (supplied in the box) and our Hardwire Kit (sold separately). You might be able to power your camera using the USB cable (supplied in the box) or you may purchase a 3rd party cable that does the job, but this is also not recommended as it has not been tested by our team to confirm compatibility.

If you purchase a poor quality cable you may discover that you experience EMC interference which could affect your DAB radio and other devices. All products sold by Nextbase have been extensively tested to avoid this type of interference.

Will my Dash Cam drain my car battery?

Our cameras use a very small amount of power to operate and our Hardwire Kit has a built in cut off that cuts power to the Dash Cam if the battery voltage drops below 11.2V. Take a look at this article if you would like to know more about this feature and consult the manufacturer to know how this will affect you and your vehicle.

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