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MyNextbase Player features and controls

MyNextbase Player is a part of our Nextbase Suite and is designed for Series 2 Nextbase Dash Cams. mceclip0.png

A. Add Video - Allows you to add your Dash Cam videos to the file list (P)

B. Update Dash Cam - Allows you to update the Firmware on your Dash Cam 

C. Snapshot - Allows you to take a snapshot (picture) of a frame when a video is playing.

D. Edit Video - Allows you to join, trim, annotate and edit your Dash Cam videos

E. Share Video - Allows you to share you videos via the internet to social media, or directly to your car insurance provider.

F. Settings - Access the Settings and advanced settings for MyNextbase Player

G. Help - Opens the help menu to MyNextbase Player 

H. Playback controls - Allows you to control playback of your Dash Cam 

I. Map Window - Displays the GPS data recorded from your Dash Cam (GPS Dash Cams only)

J. Playback Controls - Allows you to control playback of your Dash Cam videos

K. Add videos - Allows you to add Dash Cam videos into the file list (P)

L. Remove button - Allows you to remove Dash Cam videos from the file list

M. Save - Allows you to save a copy of your Dash Cam videos onto your computer

N. Filter - Allows you to filter the results that are shown from the Dash Cam  

O. Speed and G-Sensor display -Shows the speed and G- sensor information recorded by your Dash Cam

P. File List - Displays a list of files that you can play 

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