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How Alexa works on a Nextbase Dash Cam

Alexa voice control, on the move

Nextbase has achieved another world first with the introduction of Alexa Voice Control to its 422GW, 522GW and 622GW models. Using your Dash Cam, you can ask Alexa to play music, a podcast, an audiobook, place calls, listen to the news, check the weather, control smart home devices, get directions, find parking, and even control the functions of your Dash Cam! All while you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

How does Alexa work on my Nextbase Dash Cam?

Our Dash Cams are designed with Amazon's Wake Word Engine built in to them. This means that you need to say the word "Alexa" to trigger an Alexa command.

When you say "Alexa, play music", the following sequence of events happens automatically:

  1. The Dash Cam sends a command to the Alexa app on your smartphone via Bluetooth e.g. "play music"
  2. The Alexa app connects to Alexa servers using your phones mobile data plan
  3. The Alexa app carries out the command. e.g. streaming music through your phone 

Do I need a smartphone to use Alexa?

Yes, a smartphone that meets our minimum requirements is needed to use Alexa. The minimum requirements are:

  • Android 8 with Bluetooth 4.2
  • iOS 13 with Bluetooth 4.2

Will Alexa use my phones data plan?

Yes, a mobile data connection is required for your Dash Cam to process Alexa commands, the amount of data that is needed will vary depending on your Alexa usage and the tasks you ask it to carry out, for example, streaming music for 30 minutes will use approximately 28MB of data, whereas the command itself only uses around 5kB.

Can I control my Dash Cam using Alexa?

Yes, our Dash Cams support an Alexa skills, which allows you to control your Dash Cam using your voice. The following list of commands are the features that you can access using your voice.

Note: Our free Alexa Skill needs to be enabled on your Alexa account for your camera to respond to these commands

Alexa is available in the following languages 

  • English - (UK, US, Australia, Canada, India).
  • Spanish - (Spain, Mexico, US)
  • French - (Canada and France)
  • German.
  • Italian.
  • Hindi.
  • Japanese.
  • Portuguese (Brazilian dialect only).

MyNextbase Alexa skill Supported Languages

  • English (AU)
  • English (CA)
  • English (GB)
  • English (US)
  • French (CA)
  • French (FR)
  • German (DE)


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