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How Parking Mode works on a Series 2 Dash Cam

What is Intelligent Parking Mode?

Intelligent Parking Mode is a feature that causes the camera to 'wake up' and record a short video clip if physical movement is detected. 

If your Dash cam registers physical movement it will automatically switch on, record a 30-protected file, and then shut down again, if you have a 622GW the protected file will be 45 seconds long. If you are unlucky enough to be hit twice in a row, the Dash Cam would automatically record again and capture both events.


Can the camera record for longer than 30 seconds?

If the camera is receiving power from the 12V power cable or from a Hardwire Kit, it will continue to record for an additional 4 minutes and 30 seconds before going back into standby mode. 

If the G sensor is triggered by additional movement in this time, the timer will restart.

Will Parking mode drain my cameras battery?

Given the right conditions, the cameras internal battery can be run down by Parking Mode, but this will only occur Parking Mode is activated frequently and the vehicle is not being driven enough to keep the battery topped up. In other words, you are using the battery faster than you can replenish it. 

I have a rear camera plugged in, will this use more battery power?

Yes, if you have a Rear Dash Cam plugged in, this will use significantly more battery power, as the small internal battery is essentially powering two cameras at once. 

How can I make sure that my camera is always charged?

The best way to keep your camera topped up would be to install a Nextbase Hardwire Kit on a permanent live connection, this means that the camera is receiving power from your vehicle even when the vehicle ignition is turned off. 

This means that the power is available when it is required by the camera and the camera can decide whether to use it's own battery power, or to use charge from the power cable. The Nextbase Hardwire Kit even has a built-in battery cut off, to prevent your car battery dropping too low. 


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