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Will my Dash Cam drain my car battery?

Does the Nextbase Hardwire Kit cut off if my car battery is low?

Our Series 2 Hardwire Kit has been specifically designed to cut power to the Dash Cam if the car battery voltage reaches 11.6V.

Does my camera need a constant supply of power?

Nextbase Dash Cams are not designed to record using their internal battery power, they rely on a supply of power (via a cable) when in use. This power supply can be provided by the 12V cable (provided with the Dash Cam) or by a Hardwire Kit (sold separately). A permanent power supply (meaning it supplies power 24/7) is required if you want to use Parking Mode, as the Dash Cams battery will be drained if the Dash Cam is not receiving power in this mode. 

Please note: If your camera is wired to a permanently live connection, this does not mean it's recording continuously 24/7. 

Will my car battery go flat?

If the automatic cut-off kicks in (to protect the car battery), but you don’t drive the car for some time after this occurs, your car may still naturally keep consuming power, which in a worst-case scenario could leave you with a flat battery. The same thing can occur if your car hasn’t been driven for an extremely long time, with no Dash Cam, or other electronic devices plugged in. If the vehicle is in frequent use, this shouldn’t happen, as your car battery is being charged when the vehicle is driven.

Do Nextbase Dash Cams use much power?

On average, our Series 2 Dash Cams use approximately 300mAh (Milliamp Hours) of power while turned on, recording and charging, 200mAh while in standby mode (charging) and around 100mAh in standby mode (fully charged).

How long will it take for a car battery to run low?

The average modern car uses between 50 and 85 mAh on its own with nothing plugged in, but of course, plugging in additional electronic devices will increase the overall power consumption. The Nextbase Hardwire Kit and the 12V Power Cable (supplied in the box) have been designed to cut power to the Dash Cam if the car battery drops below 11.2V.

It is impossible to give a definitive statement on how long the battery will take to run itself down, as the Automotive Battery Management Systems (BMS) varies so widely and some manufacturers have far more sophisticated BMS than others. Please consult your vehicle manufacturer if you would like to know more specifics regarding the BMS and average power consumption of your vehicle.


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