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Why your Dash Cam creates two versions of each file

Should there be two versions of every file?

Yes. This is because the settings option "Dual Files" is enabled in the camera's menu. This means each video file will record in both High resolution and Low resolution simultaneously.  This setting is turned on as a default setting.

Options: On and Off
Default: On

Why does the camera record in high and low resolution?

The Low resolution files are used to stream the the videos to your phone (or tablet) using our mobile app, meaning you can view the video in low resolution before you decide which ones you would like to save to your mobile device. The Low Resolution files are much smaller and can be viewed quickly on your phone, without much buffering. The High resolution files can be selected for download to your device for higher quality viewing and sharing. 

Won't Dual Files cause my SD card to fill up quickly?

Yes. Dual Files will cause the SD card to fill up approximately 25% faster than if this setting was disabled. If you're using a small SD card, you might notice that you will need to format your SD card more regularly.

Should you turn Dual Files off?

We recommend leaving this setting turned on (it's a default setting), especially if you are using one of our mobile apps on your phone to view your files. 

You can still view your files via the app with Dual Files turned off, but you may experience more buffering and a slower experience when using the app. 

How do you turn off Dual Files?

  1. Navigate to the camera's "Video Settings" menu
  2. Swipe the screen until you  see "Dual Files".
  3. Select "Dual Files"
  4. Make sure you press "OK", when you have made your selection.


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