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Sharing Videos

Can I share videos that my iQ has recorded?

Yes, you can share footage recorded by your iQ with other users, the steps to do this will vary depending on the type of video that you want to share.

How do I share library video recordings? 

All videos that your iQ has recorded are displayed in the "Library" tab in the iQ app. To share videos stored on your iQ you will first need to transfer the video to your smartphone.

Once the required file is downloaded to your smartphone you can then share your video by following the steps below.

1. Tap on the thee dots next to the thumbnails of footage in your library. 

iQ app 1.png


2. In the "Footage Options" pop-up menu tap "Download from SD card".

iq app 2.png


3. Select which views you would like to download to share and then tap on the "Download" button.

app 3.png


4. The file/s will now begin to download once the the "waking iQ" process is completed. On the "Downloads" tab (below) you can view progress and see your downloaded files.
Please note: Downloads speeds will vary depending on the 4G signal in your iQ's current location, and additionally your smartphone's 4G connection to the internet.



5. You will see the below screen once the iQ is "awake" and your app will be connecting.

app 5.png


6. Once downloaded you will seen the below screen. In this example, just the front camera footage is downloaded. A tick symbol will appear on the smartphone icon to confirm this is downloaded to your phone.

app 7.png


7. The option to share, save, or delete the video will then appear within the app by clicking on the three dots next to the thumbnails.

app 8.png


How do I share Events which my iQ has recorded?

If you have a Protect Plus subscription then Events that have been recorded by your iQ and uploaded to Nextbase Cloud will be displayed in the Events tab in the iQ app.  You can share these files by following the steps below. Screen shot above

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