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iQ Icons Explained

What do the icons mean?

The screen facing into the cabin will show icons. The below picture shows where the screen is located with the default "iQ" logo. 

iQ Hi Res.png

iQ Icons

Power on.png Power On Screen
QR code.png

QR Code - Link to your iQ using QR Code.

To scan this you must use the Nextbase iQ app.

Onboarding mode.png iQ preparing for Setup
Device setup in progress.png iQ Setup in Progress
Update in progress.png iQ Update in Progress
Onboarding success.png

Action successfully completed

Setup, Update etc.

Loop recording.png

Loop Recording in progress

Seen in normal driving mode.


Footage Protected

Power off.png Power Off Screen
Witness Mode active.png

Witness Mode Active

Activated by voice "Hey Dashcam start witness mode"

Turn off with "Hey Dashcam stop witness mode"

Parking mode.png

Smart Sense Parking Active

iQ will detect movement and record when needed

SmartSense Parking Article

Privacy Mode.png Loop Recording with Privacy Mode Active
Live View.png Loop Recording with Live View Active
Graphics.png Formatting SD Card
Alarm.png Siren Activated Through App
Motiond detected.png Motion Detected
Impact.png Impact / Vehicle Movement Detected
ESOS activated.png Emergency SOS Mode Activated
ESOS error - chceck your phone.png Emergency SOS Error

ESOS - timer - 00.png ESOS - timer - 87.png ESOS - timer - 110.png

Emergency SOS Countdown from 110 to 0
ESOS sent.png ESOS failed.png Emergency SOS Message Sent / Failed - In the event of failure your iQ must be reset
Bluetooth connected.png iQ connected to mobile phone using Bluetooth
Remote cloud transfer.png Remote Cloud Transfer
Voice commnad processing.png Voice command not found.png Voice Command Processing / Not Recognised
Replace SD.png No SD card.png General error.png Error States - Replace SD Card / SD Card not detected / General Error
No 4G.png Poor 4g.png 4g.png Good 4g.png Signal Strength  - No Signal / Weak / Medium / Strong
No GPS.png No GPS Signal




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