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Can I share my iQ benefits with my friends or family?

Yes, if you have a Protect Plus subscription then you can share your iQ with up to four other people at no extra charge.

Protect or Solo Subscription users will need to upgrade their subscription in order to share access to their iQ. 

If you need to upgrade your subscription, please see the link. 

How do I share my iQ?

You can share access to your iQ using the iQ app and follow the steps below.


On the owner account's phone:

1. Click on iQ settings and select "Shared Access".

App settings 2.png

2. Select "Add a shared user" within the Shared Access menu.

Shared access.png


3. Inform the person that you wish to share your iQ with to follow the instructions displayed in your iQ app and scan the QR code displayed when prompted.

App Shared QR.png



On the shared access user's phone:

4. The shared access user will need to have the iQ app installed onto their smartphone and select "Get Started" then "Link with another user's iQ".


5. The shared access user will then be met with the following screen.

6. A page will load asking for permission from the user to access the smarphone's camera, once this is accepted, a windowed view will appear on the next page for the shared user to scan the main account holder's QR code.
jK0sKKGqx7oF0S79 (1).png

7. Upon a successful scan, the shared user will have access to the main user's iQ and will be presented with the main menu.

What do people who I share my iQ with have access to?

If you have shared your iQ with someone then they will have access to almost all features and functions that are included with your iQ subscription.

The only areas of the iQ app that they will not have access to are Payments, Subscriptions, Shared Access and Delete Videos.


How can I stop someone that I've shared my iQ with from having access?

You can manage who your iQ is shared with by opening the "Shared Access" page in your iQ app.

This will show you who your iQ is shared with and will allow you to remove Shared Users

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