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Smart Sense Parking Mode

What is Smart Sense Parking?

Smart Sense Parking is a revolutionary feature that uses radar technology to send a notification if movement is detected within the Dash Cam's sensory field. When your vehicle is turned off Smart Sense Parking Mode is activated.

What happens when Smart Sense Parking is activated?

Your iQ will display the Smart Sense Parking icon (see below). When your iQ detects movement it will record a short file. If there is no further movement detected outside the vehicle, your iQ will stop recording and enter into standby.  

If your iQ detects further movement outside your vehicle then it will continue to record until the movement stops.  If your iQ detects an impact during this time then it will create an Event and send a notification.

The screen below illustrates how a Smart Sense Parking notification will appear:

Crash Notification - Protect Plus User.png

The iQ app will then show a recording with the playback bar with the impact section highlighted in red, shown below:

History-Event playback.png


What do the icons on the screen mean?

The "P" inside a blue shield means your iQ has entered Smart Sense Parking Mode.

The red person means your iQ has detected movement via the radar sensor.

The red circle means that your iQ has detected a physical impact. If this happens, the file will be automatically uploaded to the "Events" section of the iQ app. 


Can the sensitivity be adjusted? 

Yes, you can adjust the proximity settings in the iQ app. You may need to lower the sensitivity if your car is parked in a busy car park, or in an area where it's likely to be triggered often.

Motion sensitivity - No Rear Camera.png

What is a security event?

A security event is something that your iQ thinks is important. If your iQ senses movement via the motion sensor (g-sensor and radar), your iQ will save the file, upload it to Nextbase Cloud, and send a notification to your smartphone. ("Protect" or "Protect Plus" subscription required)

Motion detected Notification - Protect Plus User.png

Smart Sense Parking Activation Voltage

This is how your iQ knows whether or not your vehicle is switched on. Your iQ measures the vehicle's battery voltage, when the voltage is high, your iQ goes into driving mode. When the voltage is low (the vehicle is switched off), your iQ goes into Smart Sense Parking Mode.

What level should Smart Sense Parking Activation Voltage be set?

The default setting is 13V and is suitable for the vast majority of vehicles, however, if your iQ isn't going into Smart Sense Parking Mode as expected, or enters this mode while you're driving, you will need to adjust the threshold. This is most common with electric vehicles.

Battery voltages vary widely between vehicles, so finding the right limit for your vehicle might take a little trial and error in some cases, you should also check with your vehicle manufacturer for confirmation.

How do I change this setting? 

Go into the "iQ Settings" section in your iQ app, select "Smart Sense parking" and then "Smart Sense activation voltage" and adjust the voltage by 0.1 volts. If the problem persists, repeat this step until this issue no longer occurs.
you've changed the threshold in the app, your iQ will need to restart (turn off and back on) in order for the updated settings to take effect. 


How will I know if my settings are incorrect?

If it's too low.

If the Smart Sense Parking Activation Voltage is set at a level which is too low for your vehicle, then you may find that your iQ remains powered on and recording when your vehicle is turned off.

If it's too high.

If the Smart Sense Parking Activation Voltage is set at a level which is too high for your vehicle, then you may find that your iQ will either not power on and start recording when you switch your vehicle on, or it may activate Smart Sense Parking mode whilst your vehicle is in motion.

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